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The 60s were a tumultuous time here in America, marked by advances in civil rights, unparalleled technological achievements and grass roots counterculture. I just got through watching the 14 disc box set of “The 60s” and they do a great job distilling and informing about this pivotal time in American history.

Each of the box set 14 discs are well produced and each one is more informational then the last. They include:

Tom Brokaw takes a look at the life and legacy of Martin Luther King through footage and interviews.

1968 with Tom Brokaw
Its amazing how much happened in 1968. From Assassination to Apollo. It is all in here. It also has interviews with Arlo Guthrie and “The Boss”. Bruuuucccce!

The Vietnam War, Vol 1: Vietnam: On The Frontlines 1-4 and The Vietnam War, Vol 2: LBJ And Vietnam: In The Eye Of The Storm / Command Decisions: Tet Offensive / Unsung Heroes: The Battle of Khe Sanh
The more I learn about Vietnam, the happier I am that I was born after it ended. Anyone who wants an overview of this quagmire should watch these 2 discs.

Race to the Moon, Vol 1: Failure Is Not An Option and Race to the Moon, Vol 2: Code Name: Project Orion / Modern Marvels: Apollo 13 / Modern Marvels: The Space Shuttle
Yes! Space! Now your talking my language. The triumph of Apollo. As a proponent of manned spaceflights, I found reveling in that golden age left me feeling melancholy. For those of you not aware of Project Orion, it was the code name for a nuclear propelled spacecraft program. I know that sounds like something out of Star Trek, but listen to this figure:

The top cruise velocity that can theoretically be achieved by a thermonuclear Orion starship is about 8% to 10% of the speed of light (0.08-0.1c).[1] An atomic (fission) Orion can achieve perhaps 3%-5% of the speed of light. A nuclear pulse drive starship powered by matter-antimatter pulse units would be theoretically capable of obtaining a velocity between 50% to 80% of the speed of light.

10% light speed?? That’s like 67,061,662.92 mph. That means we could get to Alpha Centauri in a mere 44 years. What are we waiting for??

Voices of Civil Rights Vol 1: Voices of Civil Rights / Mississippi State Secrets / Crossing The Bridge and Voices of Civil Rights Vol 2: Biography: Martin Luther King Jr. / Biography: Thurgood Marshall
Powerful lessons from our past that I think we can all still learn from.

JFK: A Presidency Revealed, Vol 1: Feature and JFK: A Presidency Revealed, Volume 2: Bonus programs Bio John F. Kennedy / Bio: Joseph Kennedy Sr. and The 60’s: The JFK Assassination / Modern Marvels: Apollo 11 / Bay of Pigs Declassified
That Joe Kennedy bio is a must see. It made we want to learn more about the Kennedys.

The 60’s: Peyote to LSD and Days of Rage and Wonder: Hippies
I am so far removed from the Hippie experience that its like watching some sort of mysterious fiction. I do not see a parallel in recent times that I think would be covered in some future box set. If you were a Hippie and would like to explain Hippiedom to me in a real way (not just through slogans) please send me an email. No modern hippies people. I want 1st gen hippie.

Days of Rage and Wonder: Riot: The Chicago Conspiracy Trial / Sex and the Vietnam War
I had heard of the Chicago 7 (although I was always more familiar with the Secaucus 7), but I admit, I knew nothing of the Chicago Conspiracy Trial. A great overview.

This box set can act as a primer for anyone who wants to sample what the 1960s are all about. At the same time it’s rare interview footage and archival material will be a treat for anyone who has a serious interest in this decade.

The 1960s Megaset is available on Amazon for $89.99 with free shipping


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