Levi’s Jeans Animated Ads from the 1980s

I believe that Levi’s advertising reached its peak with their series of animated commercials that they ran in the 1980s. You know the one with the guy making the Tarzan yell and the creature that kind of looks like a reptile creature in Samurai Armor. They were random and kind of trippy and I loved them. Here is an iteration of this legendary commercial series from 1984:

Of course the ads were also available in print. In this ad you could send away for a poster that could color yourself (awesome). You even get a good look at that lizard creature in this one, and it has a name, they call him a Kylddian Warlord. Which raises the question, what is a Kylddian Warlord? Is he related to the Grinch? Maybe his Japanese equivalent?



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