Bonker’s Watch is Also a Transformer

In the 1980s everything was transformable. Nothing you see in the 1980s is actually what it is. It was a confusing time that kept you on your toes. You never knew when your Delorean was going to turn into a killer robot or when Molly Ringwald was going to turn into a terrifying strawberry-haired werewolf. Even Bonkers, the candy that wasn’t quite what is seemed, got into the act with their watch premiums. So I got to ask you, what do you need in a watch? A clock? Maybe a calculator or a calendar? How about a tiny transforming robot that will destroy your enemies? Bonkers has got your covered.



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2 thoughts on “Bonker’s Watch is Also a Transformer

  1. Merman says:

    I don’t remember ordering this from Bonkers, but I totally had one and wish I had it still. I remember it so clearly…

  2. I had one, it was very cheaply made. I recently threw it in the trash with all the other chinese knockoff transformers merchandise I had taking up space. :D

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