You Can Call him Ray – Ray J. Johnson Commercial and Disco Song

You Can Call him Ray – Ray J. Johnson Commercial and Disco Song

People might not know him today, but Bill Saluga’s Ray J. Johnson character was a pop culture phenom in the late 1970s. Its hard to explain it, but you can the gist of it in this Natural Lite Beer Commercial:

Hooked? How about the Disco “classic” “Dancin’ Johnson”.

Johnson milked this character for all its worth and is the perfect example of 15 minutes of fame.

Ray J. Johnson also did a commercial for the electronic game “Einstein.” While many would imitate Ray J. from his earlier work, this commercial is what stuck in my head. I would walk around the house saying, you can call it “Ein” or you can call it “stein.” It made my family furious. Which is probably why I never got an Einstein.

Enjoy this retro commercial for “Einstein,” starring Ray J. Johnson

Thanks to Sterling Nichols for sharing this in the comments below. I had been searching for a good copy of this commercial for years. It is remarkable how much new old stuff is still managing to find itself onto the web. Proof, that if you have a memory and can’t seem to find a way to reclaim it, file it away and try again later. The internet is filled with great people who are just like you. One of them is eventually going to share that thing you are looking for.

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  1. I wasn’t around then but I love this song! It’s really quite funky, silly, but funky!

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