Fribgridgit – Another Blue Alien Reese’s Pieces Ad

I knew that I forgot something when I posted the Reese’s Pieces Blue Alien commercial. It was of course this classic print ad.


As you can see our blue friend did find out about Reese’s by word of mouth (I was right as always). So powerful is the reputations of these mighty pieces, that aliens are willing to trade their “cloud skates” to get them. Since a package of Reese’s cost 50 cents back in 1985, I would say the going price for a pair of used “cloud skates” is 4 dollars.


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2 thoughts on “Fribgridgit – Another Blue Alien Reese’s Pieces Ad

  1. I found another one this weekend in which the alien says, “I save the orange ones for last.” So I think there were at least three versions?

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