It’s Time for Reese’s Pieces to Revive the Alien Visitor Ad Campaign


They made a mint off E.T. the Extraterrestrial, but Reese’s Pieces did not sit on their alien-loving laurels. Instead they stepped it up a notch and tried to keep the alien love fest going. This blue alien in this commercial isn’t exactly as realistic as E.T., but he sure packs a comic wallop.

I think it’s time for Reese’s Pieces to dust off the alien chestnut and start a new ad campaign. This time I would like to see them pull in other famous aliens. Maybe a Wookie, ALF or Meathead the Alien from Meatballs II could show up at a doorstep looking for Reese’s Pieces. After all word of mouth in this big galaxy must take a couple of years. Now would be about the right time for them to show up.


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