DEVO Performs Jocko Homo on Saturday Night Live in 1978

Maybe you don’t realize this, but DEVO is awesome. They always have been and always will be. I will continue to hammer this point home every Sunday until you bow before their might. So to kick off this effort, please enjoy this amazing version of Jocko Homo that was performed on Saturday Night Live in 1978 (Fred Willard was the host). I really like how they use the original intro from the Jocko Homo music video, it works really well.

Watch on Photobucket (video keeps getting removed everywhere else)

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10 thoughts on “DEVO Performs Jocko Homo on Saturday Night Live in 1978

  1. The Right Rev. El Bonobo Bandito says:

    Sweet Mother of “Bob” that was indeed a FIND.

    That was my very first EXPOSURE to Devo, now 30 years in the past. For a long time I thought the OHIO chant was an official part of the song, not just something the threw in for the show.

    And the Elbow and Knee Pads to the Extreme.

    The quality of the video is not all that bad.

  2. Curtis says:

    I remember seeing this in ’78 and, as a pre-teen, thinking it was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. Little did I know that in a few short years, I would experience DEVO again and it would change my life forever. We’re all Devo.

  3. djbbjd says:

    So my question is, how did DEVO get on Saturday Night Live in the first place? Who was responsible? If you watch the closing, nobody wanted to have anything to do with Mark Mothersbaugh’s bizarre Booji Boy crawling arouind the stage and creeping up on the cast. John Belushi looks like he either doesn’t know what to think or he’s gonna kick some butt. Others nervously avoid Mothersbaugh. Who got them on the show and what is DEVO’s rememberances of the show?

  4. Great question djbbjd. I have often wondered that. I mean DEVO was hot and they were known back then for actually taking some chances, so that might explain DEVO being booked. What I to would love to hear is DEVO’s remembrance of the show, especially those closing credits.

  5. David says:

    In its early days, SNL was very fringe and on the cutting edge. They featured acts like The Clash and Phillip Glass as well.

  6. SNL also had Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band and Sun Ra, as well as other cutting edge musical acts. Miles Davis, etc. That was back in the day when network television was occasionally interesting, especially late at night.

  7. Squidexplosion says:

    If memory serves…most of what I’ve read states that Devo got on SNL as Mothersbaugh was seeing/dating/shtupping Laraine Newman at the time. You can also see her acting as “dear daughter Donut Rooter” in pieces done for the We’re All Devo video collection. Parts of those bits later made their way to The Complete Truth About De-Evolution laserdisc/DVD.

  8. Scooby says:

    uh, hello? DEVO is awesome? u have a keen sense of the obvious don’t u? :)

    I’m Googling for their appearance on SNL back when it used to be… well, u know ..worth watching. Is that show dead yet? It’s essentially been since pre-2000. I digress.

    I remember seeing, and at the time I was trying to be ‘punk’, the 2nd tune they played where they were walking on treadmills.

    Not so much luck with google but there is a decent torrent.

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