1988 Cyndi Lauper Classic “Vibes” out on DVD

1988 Cyndi Lauper Classic “Vibes” out on DVD


Cyndi Lauper fans rejoice. The wait is finally over. The 1988 Cyndi Lauper/Jeff Goldblum psychic comedy “Vibes” is out on DVD. The movie is a must-see for 80s comedy completists. Lauper and Goldblum play a pair of New York Psychics who are hired by my buddy Peter Falk (yes I have met the man) to help find his lost son in South America. Of course the whole thing is a trick and they are really searching for lost treasure (you ask why I love the 1980s). Needless to say, wacky psychic hijinks ensue. It certainly is not the best 80s movie, but Lauper is remarkably charming and Falk and Goldblum anchor down a weak script to make it a pleasant Sunday afternoon diversion. So put it on the Netflix or do us all a favor and pick up a copy at Amazon.

Order your copy of Vibes [via] Amazon

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  1. Great news, but just want to know, does it have the video for Hole in My Heart? That should definitely be included. Pretty Please !!! Luv to Cyndi ;’p

  2. I’ve been waiting YEARS for this to get released. A few years back I was going to cave in and buy a used, overly expensive vhs copy and try to dub it to dvd but I’m glad I didn’t!

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