RCA Selectavision Movie Player Commercial


I remember seeing my first Selectavision player at my friend’s house and puzzling over it. How does it play a movie? Why is it so shiny? Why are there grooves? With HD movies fitting on tiny discs nowadays, it all seems to quaint by comparison. Still, I do wish we had more mechanical switches to flip with today’s tech. Something about the tactile sensation of flipping a switch that I miss.

Added: I just posted a bid for a working Selectavision LD player on ebay. Wish me luck.


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9 thoughts on “RCA Selectavision Movie Player Commercial

  1. I’ve been wanting to write about these forever. Actually, they’re not laser discs, they’re basically the equivalent of vinyl records. The movies are read with a needle.

    My family had one with a huge stack of movies growing up, I’ll never forget taking the movie and flipping it over halfway through.

  2. You just blew my mind! My friend told me this thing was an LD player nearly 30 years ago and this has stuck in my brain since then. Vinyl movie player! Wow! Now I really wish I had won that ebay auction.

    Thanks Tommy!

  3. i actually picked up a few of these discs yesterday, thinking they were laser discs. man was i surprised when i found out they were records! got 2001 A Space Odyssey for 5 bucks!

  4. ThisGuyDoug says:

    I remember these. My cousin had a player and most of the James Bond 007 movies released at the time. They were known as CED (Capacitance Electronic Discs). Tommy is right that they were not read with a laser. The needle actually touched the disc, and repeated viewing would wear the disc down making it look worse the more you played it. Here’s the Wikipedia article about CED:


    Great article! Thanks for the memories!

  5. Skorn says:

    We just picked up 120 titles of these Discs. Many are still sealed. Please contact me if you are interested in buying any and all of these. Pick up or shipping are from Miami, FL. We also have RCA player.

  6. edith says:

    i have one of those, they look like records in side the sleeve and you lode and to watch the rest of the movie you take out flip and load again its amusing. it plays and almost all the movies i have stil work. i have about 40 movies and the player how much do you think they are worth?

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