Devo Action Figure with Interchangable Heads


Leave it to Devo to bring economy to the action figure world. Sure it makes it difficult for reenact the Mothersbaugh brothers having a creative discussion, but if that is a particular fantasy of yours you can always buy a 2nd figure.

All joking aside, as a Devo collector, I wish they had released these as a set, with the whole band included with instruments (instead of the whip and energy dome). I gladly would have paid for the complete set. Still in this modern Devo void we live in, something is better than nothing and this looks pretty awesome on the shelf.

Devo Action Figure at Amazon


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4 thoughts on “Devo Action Figure with Interchangable Heads

  1. metagirl says:

    I think the Devo doll should hold one of the spare heads under each arm, like bowling balls. That would be cool.

  2. Of course I own one of these. We have have the Mark head on it, and he’s standing manacingly next to an action figure of Queen Elizabeth with the whip in his hand. Makes me laugh every time is see it.

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