Donkey Kong Crunch Cereal

All great trends of the 1980s had a breakfast cereal tie-in and Donkey Kong was no exception. Donkey Kong Crunch was released in 1982 and was available for about a year. I ate it as much as I could during that year and I can say with some certainty that I was a much better Donkey Kong cereal eater than I was a Donkey Kong video game player. This is not something you want to brag about to your friends. They will just punch you in your cereal belly and steal your quarters.

Looking at the great art on the box makes me wonder if kids get the same thrill nowadays when they spot their favorite characters on a cereal box. I would think so, but I have my doubts because almost every “special” cereal in my local supermarket is on clearance ($1.88) every week. Further thought…Maybe its not the kids, but the parent who are savvier about buying the sugary cereal. Maybe if the cereal companies want to entice some of the parents they should appeal to their sense of nostalgia and re-release the Kong:


Now what person over 30 could resist that box? As the Family Circus kids would say, “Not me”. Its a little blurry , but you probably can tell from the box, the barrel shaped cereal sort of have the same texture of Cap’n Crunch. Now its been over 20 years, but if memory serves me right they also tasted a bit like Cap’n Crunch on steroids. I cannot remember if they caused the infamous Cap’n Crunch mouth. I would like to think that is a phenomenon unique to that cereal.

Oh and whats with that Mario? Now I often see time line comparisons of Mario over the years. Not one that I have seen has included the cereal version. That is just something I always wanted to mention. I mean this Mario kind of looks like Popeye. Who approved that? Need a closer look? Check out this classic commercial.


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