Sega Channel Memories


I enjoy my XBox and Wii, but part of me still yearns for my golden Sega years. Many people never got to use the Sega Channel, but those who did have fond memories because it was their first “online” console experience. When you watch this remember, this is not streaming through the internet, but was an actual broadcast channel that you needed special equipment to receive. Great stuff.

If you are one the lucky 250,000 people who had a subscription, these should take you back:


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6 thoughts on “Sega Channel Memories

  1. Wormwood says:

    There was actually one console/cable system that predated the Sega Channel… I remember reading about it in flyers for my parent’s cable company, but I didn’t have the system it used until after the service was discontinued…

  2. Did not see that URL got flagged. Approved it. PlayCable looks pretty cutting edge for its time. Going to have to do some more research. Thanks Wormwood.

  3. metagirl says:

    What year is this from? The second video says that the Sega Channel is available on the Internet through CompuServe, so I’m curious the era.

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