Goodbye 2008 and Hello 2009

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Another year of retro blogging comes to a close and its been a pretty good year here at the Retroist. The site has grown faster then I thought it would, with traffic spikes so high that my host shut down the site. Its the type of problem that you want as a blogger, but one I need to address quickly. I am in the process of moving the site to new digs where I will have more system resources available. So you might see some downtime over the course of the next week, but do not be concerned that is just the move. With the new server I should be able to serve up more rich content (video, scans, etc).

2008 was a great year for my news’ reader. Some great blogs were added to my daily readings. So much great stuff that its amazing I ever get anything else done. My old standbys keep plugging away. The Metal Misfit keep firing out great content and now that he has his scanner hooked up, I bet we can expect a deluge of awesome nostalgia. Saturday Morning Central is finally back online and I really like the new look. The blog that posted the theme song to Joysticks (heavy geek cred) BrianDeuelDotCom got quiet towards the end of the year, but he promises new content is forthcoming and I cannot wait., an awesome blog, does not post nearly as often as I would like, but its a treat whenever they do. Hope to see more of the T Rex in 2009.

I picked up some new standbys as well this year. Top of the list is a perfect example of a great personal blog BeaucoupKevin(dot)com. Kevin Church brings the goods week after week and his web comics, The Rack and Waimea are hilarious and amazing respectively.

So what other new sites have crept into my life in 2008? The Sexy Armpit, has helped me re-connect with my homeland of NJ and just drips with nostalgia. Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog gives me the humorous slant on comics that I need on a daily basis. I used to have a Disney blog in a former life. It was a great blog, but it made me start disliking Disney. Now that I have cleared it from my system, I can enjoy reading about Disney once again, so enter The Disney Blog and distant creations. Finally, Atomic Brain jumped into my news reader this year with the great pics and scans. Hope she keeps it up,

I guess you can expect more of the same for me in the new year. The Retroist is a fun blog to do and I appreciate all your comments, email and suggestions. So keep them coming. If you want more of me, you can always look me up on Twitter.

The great thing about being a retroist is that every year that passes gives you more content to blog about. So onward and upward to 2010 and beyond.


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