Mickey and Goofy Explore the Universe of Energy Comic Book

Mickey and Goofy Explore the Universe of Energy Comic Book

This Mickey and Goofy Explore the Universe of Energy Comic Book was a giveaway at the Universe of Energy Pavilion in Old EPCOT. I got my copy in 1985 and remember being very excited whenever I got anything free that had an actual Disney character on it. Like many Disney fans, I didn’t just fold it up and throw it in a bag. No, instead I treated it like a fine treasure. Much like most postcards that I bought to send to people, but kept for myself.

My family went to the nearest kiosk and ask for a bag. Then I placed the comic book inside of it and coddled it throughout the day. It probably impeded some of my fun that day, but when I brought it home, I had a keepsake that I would revisit for years to come.

In the comic, Mickey and Goofy learn all about energy. It is delightful and for years, I would hope that if and when they redid the attraction, they would make it themed around these two characters. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. They did change the attraction though.

They added Ellen DeGeneres to it. She travels through time and with the help of Bill Nye the Science Guy learns all about the universe of energy. Eventually she puts that knowledge to good use when she takes on her nemesis, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and Albert Einstein in a Jeopardy match for the ages.

Nowadays they don’t give away comics at the Universe of Energy, but it is still a fun ride and gives an increasingly rare taste of what it was like to visit the original EPCOT Center.

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  1. Hey, I’ve got this comic! Gas rose from 50 cents to $1.27 and Goofy can’t believe it! haha. I didn’t know Mickey was so smart.

  2. $1.27 gas prices does seem quaint nowadays.

  3. I have three copies. Got them in 1987. I couldn’t read English back then, so I didn’t read them, and to this day I have never taken the time to do so. But I’d like to do it someday.

    I was actually thinking about scanning the comic and uploading it, but I decided to check if somebody had already done it. Now I don’t have to!

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