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One thought on “sears-wishbook-video-games-04

  1. Moab Bomb says:

    By 1983, the 2600 (Video Computer System) was real long in the tooth. I had my first VCS in 1979, maybe xmas ’78. I BELIEVE they sold for $199 then (sound familiar?) Early VCS systems had 6 toggle switches, instead of the 4 shown in this catalog (I think one switch was for ‘Color’ or ‘Black & White’. I repaired my power switch and two friend’s power switches using parts from a “slot car”.
    Joysticks had a plastic ring that would eventually break due to repeated energetic joysticking. I went through at least 10 joysticks over the years…
    There are some games shown on this page that were AWESOME arcade games (such as Qbert and my favorite, Reactor), but the 2600 games were often a gruesome mockery of the original (Space Invaders was gooood).

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