Letters to E.T.


A couple of years ago I was at a garage sale, when I spotted the book “Letters to E.T.” It was just sitting there, nothing surrounding it, a beam of light shining down from the heavens to enhance E.T’s already shimmering halo on the cover. It cost a whopping 25 cents. I didn’t bargain or even look at it. I just dropped a quarter on the guy selling it, snatched it up and ran home to devour it.

The idea of writing letters to a movie characters, makes me so damn happy. It reminds me of when Homer Simpson is called out for writing letters to movies.

Dear Die Hard,
You rock. Especially the part where that dude is on the rooftop.
P.S. Do you know Mad Max?

None are quite that awesome but overall these earnestly written letters are great. Most of them are from children, who really want E.T. to come to their assorted parties, but a few adults make it into the mix. My favorite is this one by Mrs. Vera Binder and she is/was a national treasure.


I really hope she got the money for those contact lenses. The book also has some great PR photos and fan art. I threw a few of them into a gallery for your viewing pleasure. If you ever get the opportunity to pick this up, especially for 2 bits, you will not be disappointed. It will not only give you some insight into the E.T. mania that took us by storm in 1982, but also an interesting view of pre-internet fandom.


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