E.T. Comes Bearing an Atari Christmas Present and Doom?


Since many see the E.T. Atari 2600 game as a harbinger of the consoles doom it can be difficult to enjoy this adorable commercial. I myself love it. That floppy alien running through the house is too damn cute. Let me tell ya, nothing would have thrilled me more back in 1982 then to see E.T. under the tree or…gasp…playing my Atari on Christmas morning. I would help him beat the game and then we would become best friends. We would work on a zine about 80s television in the early 90s before discovering the internet and building a site about all things retro.

Why the E.T. on the brain? Well, I am gearing up for some E.T. magic this month thanks to a fellow retro TV fan who is sending me a very special package. Stay tuned.


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2 thoughts on “E.T. Comes Bearing an Atari Christmas Present and Doom?

  1. ‘The game that let’s you help ET get home.”

    More like, the game that let’s you help ET fall into holes and spend money replacing your joystick as it goes flying across the room into a wall.

    I used my cart to mount an EPROM of some 4k game I downloaded and burned. I forget which one, though. The PCBs in those carts are good for something at least.

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