Lose Weight on the Candy Diet


After all this Thanksgiving eating I am going to need to diet some. Well this 1950s candy diet sounds right up my alley. Now who wouldn’t want to eat candy and lose weight. Their has to be a hitch right? Of course their is, the candy is made of Kelpidine. What is Kelpidine?

Kelpidine was made from kelp from the Pacific Ocean and almost everything attached to it is heavy duty quackery. These Kelpidine based diets would promise weight loss as long as you took your kelpidine…and reduced your caloric intake to 1000 per day. Amazing how this scam is still going on today. Things don’t change.


Garry Vander Voort

Editor/Podcaster at Retroist
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5 thoughts on “Lose Weight on the Candy Diet

  1. Flappy says:

    I just saw an ad for the Kelpidine chewing gum. Reduce up to 5 lbs. a week. Just chew the gum and follow Dr. Phillips’ plan. This ad was in the comic book ‘Hi-School Romance,’ #60, February 1957.

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