Burger King Stackers Commercial with Retro Style


The animation for this Burger King animation makes me feel all warm inside like those Gershwin scored United Airlines commercials. Shame they do not show this ad in the United States.


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3 thoughts on “Burger King Stackers Commercial with Retro Style

  1. metagirl says:

    I love this commercial, especially the fact that some of the “burger heads” are stacked 8 burgers high!

  2. abc says:

    “Shame they do not show this ad in the United States.”

    You could say that about most foreign ads.

    Americans need simple themes and simple gags in their ads for them to be effective. The joke always needs to be explained (if there’s a joke at all).

    Also, the scene with the 2 burgers “making out” would not be acceptable for U.S. audiences, since they are all prudes and there would be an outcry from religious groups. I wish I was joking. Sadly, this is the reality.

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