Sexual Tension is High Between Count Chocula and Frankenberry


This Monsters Cereal commercial is dripping with sexual tension. Now I am all for the cereal mascot love, but its very unprofessional to so blatantly break out of character. As an actor your should try include your passion in the performance, its very “method”, but you must be careful not to make the audience uncomfortable by revealing too much. I have always thought of Frankenberry and Count Chocula as professionals, but after this commercial I just don’t know.

It gets so awkward at the 16 second mark that they need to cut away to some nonsense about wax lips.


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One thought on “Sexual Tension is High Between Count Chocula and Frankenberry

  1. Actually, if you think about it, the cereal monsters were always a bit fruity. C’mon… “Fruit Brute”? “Yummy Mummy”?

    The Count was the most flamboyant of all though. Classic gothic homosexual.

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