Take a Trip to Wisconsin’s Skyway Drive-In


I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted to go to a Drive-In movie theater over the years. Yet time and again, I am thwarted by weather or bad timing. It has been a dogs age since I have been able to park my car under the stars and enjoy a double feature (which is the equivalent of a religious experience for those of us who like the retro). Luckily for me, the stars finally aligned and on a trip to Wisconsin I was able to sit back and enjoy a nice evening of poor to average movies at the Skyway Drive-In.

The Skyway is a wonderfully maintained theater up in Door County that is run by Jeffrey and Dale Jacobson. They have done a great job of adding modern convenience, a crisp projection system and sound that can be heard on your AM and FM radio, while at the same time maintaining a retro vibe. To that end they still maintain external speakers in the first 4 rows of the theater, they have a great playground right below the screen for the kids and their snack bar is both delicious and affordable. That’s real butter they got there pal – no oily fakeness.

As for the movies I saw — well lets just say its nice I had my windows up on my car, so I could complain about the film as loudly as I wanted without disrupting my fellow movie goers. Another perk of the drive-in.

The Drive-In season is over, but I cannot wait to return next year. Hopefully I will see some of you there. Now for your viewing pleasure — I took some photos of the theater. Enjoy.


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