Halloween Movie Madness 2008


Last year I listed the movies I was going to watch throughout the month of October and tried to post reviews of all of them. It was crazy month, but awesome, and filled with some great movies. So what about this year? Will I watch scary movies all month? Heck yeah! 31 Movies for Halloween 2007 was great, but its nothing like Halloween Movie Madness 2008!

Here is the plan:

October 1 – When a Stranger Calls (1979)
October 2 – The Unnatural
October 3 – Halloween 6 – Producers Cut
October 4 – Monster Squad
October 5 – House
October 6 – Fright Night
October 7 – CHUD
October 8 – The Fog (1980)
October 9 – KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park
October 10 – Carrie
October 11 – House On Haunted Hill (1959)
October 12 – Murders in the Rue Morgue
October 13 – Psycho
October 14 – The Last Man on Earth
October 15 – Blood Demon
October 16 – Poltergeist
October 17 – Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter
October 18 – Monster Club
October 19 – Prom Night (1980)
October 20 – Nightmare on Elm Street
October 21 – Phantasm
October 22 – Saturday the 14th
October 23 – Island of Terror
October 24 – Summer Camp Nightmare
October 25 – The Mummy (1932)
October 26 – Craze
October 27 – Carnival of Souls
October 28 – Friday the 13th
October 29 – The Haunting (1963)
October 30 – 13 Ghosts (1960)
October 31 – Halloween (1978)

Its an eclectic mix of scary and not so scary with some stuff I haven’t seen in years mixed with some good old “comfort horror”. If I had the time this would be 3 times as large. So what is everyone else going to be watching? What is the one horror film you have to see every Halloween season?


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4 thoughts on “Halloween Movie Madness 2008

  1. metagirl says:

    I always have to see Halloween, which is sort of an obvious choice, but still a must-see…every year. I’m a big fan of The Shining too.

    I also relate to Poltergeist as I grew up in a development built on an Indian burial ground…where they didn’t move the bodies! Though I’ve moved far away those dead Lenai Lenape still haunt me.

  2. Bluebot says:

    I like the Hammer Studio films. I try and catch them on AMC when they show them at the end of the month.

  3. As metagirl and Bluebot pointed out above, Halloween and Hammer films certainly make the grade every year.

    Adding to that, some (if not all) Friday the 13th movies, Romero zombies, Universal Monster movies.

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