Play “The Big Guy Game” with Gordon “More Wine Dudley?” Jump

big guy game

What is “The Big Guy Game?” Well the description says…

Be a sports announcer, comedian, talk show host. At someone else’s turn, you’re the audience.

Well that clears it all up. Anyhoo. Gordon Jump, co-star of television’s “WKRP in Cincinnati”, was at the height of his spokes-celebrity career when he landed this endorsement gig for “The Big Guy Game”. I have one to thing to say to this. How dare you cash in on the fame of your WKRP character Arthur “Big Guy” Carlson! Did you ever stop to think of the fan? Well did you? Would you like it if I put my name on an inferior product?

Who am I kidding? I love it! Sadly no one else did and it was all downhill for Jump from this point onward. Some say it was the game. Others say it was his turn as a creepy pedophile on “Different Strokes”. You decide.

More wine Dudley?
More wine Dudley?

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