Retro Sign: Octopus Car Wash


I love Retro Signage and I snap pics of them all the time. So I figure I would start sharing. Now I ask you, who wouldn’t want their car washed by an Octopus? You know with all those arms, he would do a good job.


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2 thoughts on “Retro Sign: Octopus Car Wash

  1. Allie says:

    That is so cool! I love how creative you are. Keep up the awesome work! You have a fan in me. Feel free to send some more pictures my way if you get the time.

  2. Ha ha! I forgot all about it until I saw this, there was a car wash with a neon octopus sign where I used to live back in the 70s. Sign had to be from the 50s. The tentacles moved up and down and spun under the head, and at each end was a sponge. Fantastic.

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