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The McRib is Back!

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The McRib is back at selected locations! I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and maybe just a little ill from eating two cheeseburgers and a McRib in once frenzied sitting. Why do I love the McRib? To me it is the essence, no the distillation, of American fast food culture. It takes a wonderful thing (bbq ribs) and twists them into convenience that is nearly as tasty, but in a completely different way. Its where roadside commerce meats culinary ingenuity. As the famous McRib commercial puts it, “Its like a bbq on a bun without the bones.”

I took a pic of the sandwich, they switched to a box container, which makes more sense then the paper wrapped ones they used to serve. Check out my well slathered McRib and forgive the bite, I couldn’t resist.

mcrib 2008

You know you want one. After all, you are only human daddy, so head to your participating McDonalds and CHOMP!


The Retroist

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The Retroist is like a BBQ on a bun without the bones. You're only human daddy. Chomp!

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35 thoughts on “The McRib is Back!

  1. Yep. The Shakes are around in March. You know emails do no good with them! I never got a response back about the peppermint sundaes.


  2. Nostalgia is a cruel mistress. Sadly one that we are obliged to obey. I have emailed McDonalds as well – only get form responses from them.

    You would think they would want to answer these questions, since I would most certainly travel some distance for these things.

  3. Rusti says:

    Last year I emailed them to ask if there were any locations around my area that were carrying the McRib. They told me that since McDonalds were individually owned they couldnt give me that info. I told them that they surely knew who was ordering the McRib. You would think that having a computer that they can answer email on they would have a computer they could check inventory and sales data on…

  4. I agree – I was hoping they would make just such a thing when they did the McRib site a few years ago. It makes me wonder what else is out there that is running only in certain markets.

    When I was in Hawaii they had SPAM-based sandwiches.

  5. i see you have a bunch of eager/angry ribheads here too.

    I wrote this post and had tons of ribheads asking me if i knew where to find some of these delicious sandwiches.

    McDonalds does so much advertising and spends so much to make people aware of their new item, why not spend a little money managing people who have questions and suggestions?

    Anyone know of any mcribs in California?

  6. maureen says:

    im so jealous they dont have it anywhere i called in the pa area does anyone know how i can get them to start then back here?

  7. Many people have tried petitions and calling McDonalds headquarters. I think you might need to talk to the owner of your local outlet and find out why they are not carrying them.

  8. GreatScott says:

    You must try as I am jumping with JOY !!! As of Nov 10th we just got them back. And I don’t even eat at McDonalds.

  9. Kelly says:

    Nice to know it’s not just me! I was in Florida last week and had one (It was awesome!) but now that I’m back home in Nevada, I can’t find them anywhere. :(

  10. J says:

    i’ve heard a rumor that the mcrib is available in random places at random times. they are currently in south carolina, tennessee, and georgia

  11. The McRib is currently available in Clearwater, FL. Saw it yesterday, then came back home to Philadelphia.. to find that it isnt available. Must rotate when and where it is available.. Bummer

  12. morgan says:

    OH MY GOSH!! this was no help at all i want is to find a mcrib near canton georgia but no one wants to help me out here!! so if i dont find one i might go crazy, because i am a CRAZY person who wants ONE freakin mcrib SO HELP ME OUT!! i really dont want one but my grandma does so please help us she is more crazy than me so she might go mad if she dont get one….Thanks! :)

  13. Judy says:

    Got a yummy McRib in North Carolina while enroute to Tennessee. Had my mouth set on having another after returning to Georgia but found out they’re not sold here…. What’s the deal???

  14. It is a great dream. It seems in my neck of the woods, the dollar menu keeps shrinking. The mcrib would be a great anchor for them to add (plus it would make mroe McRib fans).

  15. McRibs are AWESOME. But, the McRibs you eat today are not the same McRib formula as in the 1980s. After the McRib was nearly discontinued/forgotten for a while, in the ’90s, they silently changed the sauce.

    The sauce of today’s McRib is different from the original…I believe the slice of meat is also smaller. it’s still tasty, though! Ask for extra sauce if you have to! Nobody likes a dry McRib!

  16. tim ver says:

    So where are these Mcribs at now? I have yet to find any in SW Florida. Help please I need my fix!

  17. Jeff Burgess says:

    OK I’ve been craving a MCRIB for 3 months now and they haven’t brought it back again…CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME AN IDEA as to when it will be back in The Greenville SC area again. Also I wanted to mention that I saw a post on the web that McDonald’s was going to put it back on the menu. It was posted December 2009. Anyone know if there is any truth in that?

  18. jennifer gonzalez says:

    Hi, The following is going to sound crazy!! I apologize and assure you it’s true. My husband LOVES the McRib sandwich! Alas, here in the east it is no where to be found. He is an amazing guy who has been battling his second round of cancer, winning a battle against nicotine, working a job he’s less than crazy about, raising a six-year old “spirited” girl, and dealing with the whacky ways of his wife (me). He courageously meets each of these challenges with grace. I desperately want to say thank you. I think the McRib sandwich is just the way to do it. Can you anybody out there help me find a mcrib and an awesome golf course for his 40th birthday in August? Thank you for your time. Jennifer Gonzalez

  19. Larry DeGarmo says:

    I ate a wonderful McRib today, Friday October 22, 2010 at a McDonalds in Stockbridge, Georgia. You can see a picture of it on my facebook.

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