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The McRib is Back!

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The McRib is back at selected locations! I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and maybe just a little ill from eating two cheeseburgers and a McRib in once frenzied sitting. Why do I love the McRib? To me it is the essence, no the distillation, of American fast food culture. It takes a wonderful thing (bbq ribs) and twists them into convenience that is nearly as tasty, but in a completely different way. Its where roadside commerce meats culinary ingenuity. As the famous McRib commercial puts it, “Its like a bbq on a bun without the bones.”

I took a pic of the sandwich, they switched to a box container, which makes more sense then the paper wrapped ones they used to serve. Check out my well slathered McRib and forgive the bite, I couldn’t resist.

mcrib 2008

You know you want one. After all, you are only human daddy, so head to your participating McDonalds and CHOMP!


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The Retroist is like a BBQ on a bun without the bones. You're only human daddy. Chomp!

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