Retroist Halloween Special

Autumn is in the Air

Retroist Halloween Special

Tonight temperature will be in the mid-50. Autumn is in the air people! Which means Halloween is not be far away. I am excited. This is my first Halloween season outside of California in nearly a decade, so I am looking forward to the falling leaves and cold air.

I am hoping to do some fun stuff on the site, I even started writing a few things. I am not sure I will get carried away like last year, but who knows. Get some miniature Milky Ways in me and I can type for days.

I have been listening to OTR the last few days. Especially a lot of Suspense and the Whistler. Great shows that really set a spooky mood. I have also been listening to my friend, Jonathan’s podcast, “Rotting Flesh Radio”. Its the best hauntcast on the interweb so check it out.

I get a few emails a week who want to swap links in my blogroll, which I am very happy to do, but please add me to your site before e-mailing me. I want to know their is a human on the other end. Not a reciprocal linkbot.

Besides that I am just working a lot and trying to blog at least once a day. Hope everyone has a great end of summer. I am going to cap mine off with a swim in Lake Michigan and a mad awesome BBQ.


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One thought on “Autumn is in the Air

  1. You listen to OTR? Awesome. Yeah, The Whistler and Suspense are pretty creepy. You could film all those old radio shows and they would not be scary at all, but to *hear* it… Your mind goes all over the place and freaks you out.

    The Shadow can be terrifying as well.

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