Retroist Halloween Special

Autumn is in the Air

Retroist Halloween Special

Tonight temperature will be in the mid-50. Autumn is in the air people! Which means Halloween is not be far away. I am excited. This is my first Halloween season outside of California in nearly a decade, so I am looking forward to the falling leaves and cold air.

I am hoping to do some fun stuff on the site, I even started writing a few things. I am not sure I will get carried away like last year, but who knows. Get some miniature Milky Ways in me and I can type for days.

I have been listening to OTR the last few days. Especially a lot of Suspense and the Whistler. Great shows that really set a spooky mood. I have also been listening to my friend, Jonathan’s podcast, “Rotting Flesh Radio”. Its the best hauntcast on the interweb so check it out.

I get a few emails a week who want to swap links in my blogroll, which I am very happy to do, but please add me to your site before e-mailing me. I want to know their is a human on the other end. Not a reciprocal linkbot.

Besides that I am just working a lot and trying to blog at least once a day. Hope everyone has a great end of summer. I am going to cap mine off with a swim in Lake Michigan and a mad awesome BBQ.


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