1982 Arcade Classic “Satan’s Hollow”

1982 Arcade Classic “Satan’s Hollow”

satans hollow

Are you a big Galaxian fan, but don’t find its space theme compelling? Wish that instead you could battle the forces of Darkness in a very similar Spaceship? Well then “Satan’s Hollow” could be just the game for you. In this arcade classic you battle through crazy level after crazy level. All the while battling demons and devils in your upgradable gold ship. Meanwhile you have an overarching goal – to build a bridge to the bonus level, where you battle Satan himself.

Destroy Satan and a flaming chalice full of extra points will be all yours. Not to mention an extra laser for your Hellship.

Check out the gameplay:

That really brings back memories. I pumped lots of quarters into this bad boy at an arcade called The Purple Room. I mean who could resist this thing. Look at that cabinet and that combat style joystick. It exemplifies what parent’s in the 1980s feared most about video games (satan stuff) and also exemplified what made them awesome – Compelling visuals and graduated gameplay difficulty.

Want to try it out? Get Mame and then Download Satan’s Hollow.

I have been seeking one of these shirts for years now, but my search has been in vain. I guess I would have to make some sort of deal with the devil to get one. It might be worth it. That shirt is probably so metal!

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  1. Thanks for the link. I have been out of the MAME scene for awhile and looking to get back into it…unfortunately, the old mame.dk site went bye bye a long time ago. I did not know about romnation. Woo hoo!

  2. Glad I could help JV. Tell me what you think of “Satan’s Hollow” when you get to play it.

  3. Will do. Loaded on my Mame cabinet and ready to go!

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