Get arcade ambient sound from the Arcade Ambience Project

Get arcade ambient sound from the Arcade Ambience Project

Have you always wanted to make your home sound like an arcade? Of course you have, but did you consider about what year you would like the arcade to be from? Well consider no longer, Andy Hofle’s Arcade Ambience Project has put together high quality Arcade Ambient Sound loops to help you capture the feeling of being in an arcade of yesteryear.

They currently have 4 flavors, each one coming in at over a whopping 60 minutes each. The Arcade Ambient Sound loops cover the following years, 1981, 1983, 1986, and 1992. How did Andy pull this feat of audio magic together?

I used a program to record myself playing each of the games all the way through (until the game was over). Some games have more than one recording. I also recorded a few games in attract mode (like Gorf and Astroblaster, which have attract sounds). A few games I had to take samples from elsewhere, for example asteroids in MAME sounds terrible. Also, the coin changers (there are 3 distinct sounds) and background hum (kind of hard to pick up) I took from a local arcade. Once I had a big collection of wavs, I created a multitrack project in my sequencer/audio program. I basically made a separate track for each game/sound effect. I then randomly panned each track to the left or right to give the illusion of the games and coin changers being placed all around you. I also randomly adjusted the volumes for each track. I then placed several instances of the game recordings spaced out randomly. For example, there are about 6 identical plays of defender, randomly positioned on the CD. But there are so many games going at once, you cannot tell that the defender track is being repeated 6 times. Same goes for the other tracks. So basically I made sure that there is no repeating or looping in this sound (other than the repeat of each game wav, but that is almost impossible to notice since these games basically sound the same each time they are played).

Now that is what I call dedication. They really are pieces of art and I have personally listened to all 4 and just love them.

I think my next challenge will be to overlay an hour long loop of classic songs of the correct era under the music and make it sound like my local radio station playing modern new wave hits. They really make me pine for the classic arcade days.

Visit Andy Hofle and get a healthy does of Arcade Ambient Sound!

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  1. God bless the internet and people with too much free time on their hands.

    I’m gonna play these while playing my Wii!

  2. I just found that site yeasterday and am downloading now.

  3. This is cool. the sounds brig back so many great memories

  4. I thought I registered guess I never did Now a proud member of a great site

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