“Startoon Retro Rescue” could be “Space Ace” and “Dragons Lair” Reborn


If you are a classic arcade freak like me, I am sure you pumped quarter after quarter into the Don Bluth produced Laser Disc gaming classics, Dragons Lair and Space Ace. Both were incredibly difficult linear games that required split second timing and a great memory. Did they have the best game play? Not at all. What made them great was the story and animation. Something lacking from the games of the day (and some of today). They were enchanting, but at fifty cents a pop, they made for a harsh mistresses.

With the renaissance of the coin-op style games on hand held, I always wondered when a custom animated laser disc style game would make another appearance. Well the wait is over. One man, Kevin Karstens, has a dream – to revive a gaming genre that he loves. The game he is working on is called “Star Toon Retro Rescue“.

The storyline revolves around the evil little Retronator character, an alien that is so BAD at video games he comes up with the idea of creating a Time Device, so that he can journey back in time and kidnap all the classic namesake characters from video games, thus erasing video game history FOREVER! You play as Nikki, and attempt to rescue the characters and stop the Retronator…can you survive?

Its sound like the 1980’s arcade fantasy reborn, with just a twist of post millennial irony. What is not to love about this idea? A villain named the Retronator facing off against a buxom heroine named Nikki. Sign me up (as the Retronator).

If you want to hear and see more details about the game check out this recent edition of Weekend Gamer TV featuring “Startoon Retro Rescue”.


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