Wireless Atari Style Joysticks – The Game Mate 2


The dream of cordless gameplay was alive and well, even in 1982 and the Game Mate 2, pictured above, was an early attempt at that technology. Got to love the fact that the Game Mate 2 is the World’s FIRST Wireless Remote Control Joystick. Was the Game Mate Mark I a complete wash? Did it go awry at the CYNEX testing facility in Hillsdale, NJ and kill the engineers working on it? My guess is it has something to do with all that lightning that constantly arcs from the controller to the receiver.

Check out that guy sneaking up behind those women on the couch on the little box. He it totally going to conk their heads together.


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3 thoughts on “Wireless Atari Style Joysticks – The Game Mate 2

  1. I’m selling a pair in a box. I’ve seen them sold on a professional ATARI website for E 59,95! Only they were out of stock.
    I’m not ;)

  2. jonathan says:

    If anybody want a set in the orginal box within Europe, let me know, I’m selling the one in my collection,

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