Billy Bob Thornton as Freddy Krueger? No


We are still two years out from the Michael Bay produced remake the 1980s classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street. So it may be too early to place any bets, but Freddy himself, Robert Englund, started a rumor on the radio call in show “Lovelines” last week, saying that Billy Bob Thornton could possibly be involved in this remake. Perhaps as the striped sweatered dark dreamlord, Freddy Krueger? Now that’s a rumor I could get behind. Thornton is known for his offbeat role selection and he can certainly act when needed.

Since this remake seems to be on the fast track and it is going to happen. I personally, would not have a problem with this casting decision if it turned out to be true. He could bring some depth to the role, while at the same time hamming it up when needed.


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