Montezuma’s Revenge (the Game)

Montezuma’s Revenge (the Game)


Yet another reason early video game history is awesome. They named a game after a euphemism for Traveler’s diarrhea and have the nerves to ignore that fact in their advertising. I played this game, so I know what it looks like, but the name still conjures up images of an Indiana Jones type character trying to get away from an ever growing ball of loose stool. Which is completely the opposite feeling you should get from this innovative title.

You play Panama Joe and you travel from room to room, solving puzzles and finding treasure. Each level gets more difficult as you move along – a huge game design improvement for the early 80s. Once you play it you will see why it inspired such future 3D adventure games like Tomb Raider.

That’s right this
Montezumas Revenge

Inspired this:
Lara Croft

They sum it up best in the manual:

If PANAMA JOE safely navigates through all of the chambers in the fortress he’ll eventually reach his ultimate goal: the Treasure Chamber. Herein lies the fabulous treasure of the emperor, Montezuma! To enter this final chamber, daredevil PANAMA JOE must leap into the darkness! Once Inside, he’ll find several chains-and the infamous jewels-all awaiting his grasp. In just a matter of seconds. PANAMA JOE must jump from chain to chain while trying to collect as many jewels as possible. But beware! If PANAMA JOE misses a chain and jumps onto a pole, he immediately slides into the next Difficulty Level and misses his chance to collect more jewels. When time’s up, you will automatically advance to the next Difficulty Level.

I played this on the Commodore 64 and spent many a sleepless nights trying to get to the Treasure Chamber, but I never got there. I would always get cocky and make a misjump. I have the same problem on Donkey Kong, Jr – a game I want to be great at, but always FAIL. But I digress. If you want to play Montezuma’s Revenge Online check out Online Commodore 64 Games!

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  1. Nothing stopping you from still winning now? You can play it online or through MAME.

  2. i played this game a long time ago

  3. I played this on the Atari computer. I remember it was about a 320k download, which was HUGE at the time!

    It took nearly an hour to download, but this became one of my favorite games. I also never completed it and always dreamed of some fabulous ending that probably never was.. the game seemed to get really hard. I got lost in the underground caverns and could not get past one spot. To this day I’m not sure if it was because of a glitch.

    It definitely has an ‘Indiana Jones’ feel to it. (Just as I’m about to watch the latest Indiana Jones movie tonight on DVD). It seemed like this game had so much more depth to it than others at the time. It’s definitely one of the top ten games of the era on any system!

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