Mario Bros for Atari 2600

Marios Bros. for the Atari 2600

Mario Bros for Atari 2600

Great arcade game – not so great Atari 2600 game. Ads like this are great because they show alternative Marios, before he became the iconic character he is today.


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2 thoughts on “Marios Bros. for the Atari 2600

  1. A remake of this game was built into Super Mario Brothers 3 for NES. It was pretty fun, and so easy my mother could play it. But this game really paid off with the Super Nintendo version of Mario 3 (part of the Mario All-Stars collection). Possibly the finest two-player game ever developed, it added extra dimensions of action and strategy to the gameplay. Nintendo has released the original arcade version for download on Wii, I hope they make the SNES version available in the future.

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