Barbie Dream Kitchen

Barbie Dream Kitchen Commercial

This commercial for the Barbie Dream Kitchen is from the 1980s, but the toy concept and how they pitch it is straight out of the 1950s. In it, Barbie is hurrying to fix dinner in her vanilla cookie soaked pink kitchen. Better hurry Barbie – you know how Ken loses his temper if you don’t have the food on the table when he gets home. What we don’t see in this commercial is the drama that unfolds when Ken gets home.

Enter Ken. He stumbles and has obviously been drinking. He stops at the already set table and drops his briefcase.

KEN: What the hell is going on here? Why isn’t my food done? Why does it reek of vanilla in here?

BARBIE: Honey, dinner it’s almost ready. Just have a seat and I will fix you a drink.

KEN: I don’t need a drink. I already had a few on the way home. What I want is my dinner on the table!

BARBIE: I am sorry honey. I was held up at the store and couldn’t get the food started till a little later.

KEN: Well then maybe you should have gone to the store earlier. (Ken knocks the plates of the table)
Then maybe you could have had dinner on the table before I get home from a long days work!

BARBIE: I had a long day too.

KEN: Yes, a long day of spending my money and not preparing food that you bought with my money! Do I have to teach you a lesson?!

KEN menacingly approached BARBIE. BARBIE steps away, but not fast enough. Ken slaps her. She cries.

KEN: Now why would you make me do that? You think I like hitting you?

KEN open the fridge and looks for a beer.

KEN: You forgot to buy beer?! That is it…

KEN stops talking in mid sentence. He looks down at the long steak knife jutting from his chest. He tries to say something but only a gurgle escapes.

CU of a bruised Barbie.

BARBIE: Never Again.


Oh, and what’s with the little girl’s mini bow tie? That is a crazy look that needs to be revived. Its absolutely bananas.

Watch the Barbie Dream Kitchen Commercial


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