Find Your Way to the Newtons

Cool a maze ad. I love these things. Let me get my pencil and just….wait a minute…..this isn’t a maze at all! I am not sure why the Newton people would make a maze style advertisement without a real maze in it, but I hope someone got fired over this. I am sorry little Newton Pirate you will never make it past Newton Mountain or the Apple Newtons Tree. Your Newton Treasure chest shall forever be out of your reach.

Unless…could it be? I can go through the these objects? How very un-mazelike.



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2 thoughts on “Find Your Way to the Newtons

  1. newtontruth says:

    I understand that this is a three year old post, but I have to say that this is a real maze.
    Look close and you’ll see that you can go through the tree and down the ladder and then continue on through the whole ad to the end. Really, one of the best mazes ever made.

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