Want to Work at Burger King?

Work at Burger King

Are you energetic and cheerful? Well then Burger King just may be the place for you. The cartoon register jockeys are great. I can just lines of fresh cheeked Oregonians lining up with this flyer in hand trying to get a job at the new BK. Oh if only it had been me in that line.

I grew up in a town that didn’t have any fast food joints, but I was huge fan of BK growing up. Sure I liked McDonalds characters and fries, but when I was at the mall, it was all about Burger King. If they had one in my town, I would have applied to work their in High School, so its probably good we didn’t have one. Instead I passed my teen years working in a video store – slacking and watching the Star Wars Trilogy again and again.

** Thanks to Jack for sending this to me. Great stuff.


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