Spider-Man: The Reader vs. The Speeder

In this one page Spider-Man/Electric Company tie-in from 1974 our web slinging super hero meets another brave protector of Gotham, The Reader. Now The Reader seems to have the ability to force people to prance, almost mince, merrily down the street reading whatever they lay their eyes on.

Lucky for Spidey he had passed this way, because a motorcycle driving scofflaw, who cannot read, happens by at the same time and runs the very Stop sign that the Reader was pointing out. Spider-man, who has no other crimes to fight in early 1970s New York, shoots a web at guy, pulls him from his seat and shatters his spine. It might seem like an inappropriate response, but I’ll have you know that guy enrolled in an adult learning classes at the hospital. 8 months later, when he got out, he could read! He couldn’t walk anymore, but 6 of one. Out of sight!

All in a days work for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.



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