The Sacred Fellowship of the Monster Pop

The Sacred Fellowship of the Monster Pop


All who are pure of heart are called upon to seek the most elusive of frozen treats, the Monster Pop. We know little about these treats, but the one things we can all agree upon — they did exist. So take up your mouse and keyboard and join in the search. Post anything you find out below.

On this day in the year 2008 – I pledge a shiny box of nerd magnets to the first person who finds physical proof of these mysterious mid-1980 confections.

My hearts is pure and my quest is noble.

The Retroist

(The nerd magnet prize has been claimed!)

The Retroist

The Retroist is like a BBQ on a bun without the bones. You're only human daddy. Chomp!

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  1. Lol! To quote Pippin from the movie “Great! Where are we going?” :p

    That’s great. Awesome work.

  2. Well done, sir. I commend you in your efforts for unraveling the mystery of Monster Pops.

    Look, ma– I’ve given others a purpose in their life!

  3. You are the guru of frozen confections M. We will find these. So be ready for out next quest.

  4. Once we get Monster Pops out of the way… McDonald’s peppermint sundaes are next!

  5. The Quest never truly ends; A new one simply begins.

  6. Are you talking about these:

    if so, then … I’ll have to tell you that the taste is … well lets say interesting…

  7. Alice – awesome name. So good.

    Sadly these are not them, but they do look interesting? An interesting taste? Interesting – good or interesterting – horrible?

  8. Well, there are people who find the smell of a skunk interesting, alas two of the flavours taste okish, the others are more or less inedible.

  9. Interesting. What are the flavors exactly?

  10. Cola – tastes a little bit like Royal Crown
    Raspberry – artificial taste but still fruity
    the other two are Lemon and Strawberry – and the words “artificial taste” don’t do justice – somebody has to invent a latin based neologism to describe that chemical, tangy, buzzing taste – or it was one of the beers beforehand which wrecked my taste buds (no pun intended).

  11. I have an old box somewhere in my stuff. It’ll take me liek a year to dig it out though. It was a black box with the pictures of The Wherewolf, Dracula, and Mummy maybe there was one other. They were Orange Cherry and Grape…I don’t remember a white one. The other ones were Vampire Pops. Black cherry with cherry oooze inside. mmm I wish they still made these.

  12. Please do dig it up! I would love to see it. Do you think you could post a picture?

  13. mmellimel, you’d be our hero if you could capture a pic of this box!

  14. You would be more than a hero. You’d be a saint!

  15. For sure I’ll post a picture when I find it. :)

  16. Mighty! I hope to see one soon.

  17. Everyone I know thinks I am crazy because I am obsessing about how I miss these Dracula popsicles when I was a kid. Apparently none of my friends remember them except for my brother and me. I remember they were grape flavored or something, but the inside had thick cherry “blood” sauce. I wish to God that I could remember the name of them so I can see if anyone still makes them. Any thoughts?

  18. I completly remember having them at least once a week.

    I can remmeber that the front of the box the image was the 4 cartoon images of the skeleton, dracula, The Creature and a grape one… can’t remember that as well because I didn’t like grape back then. (Dracula was my favorite. was Red and cherry flavored. I remember that reallly well.)

    anyway.. was the 4 cartoon images with their corrosponding popsickles below them. kinda fanned out like how you would hold cards in your hand.

    My mom and dad bought them for me and my brother when we were pretty little I’ll say six. so that would have been 1987.

  19. I am so glad that I am not alone. I used to eat “Monster Pops” when I was younger and loved them. I think I remember Drac, Creature, skeleton and mummy. I am really confused why no one remembers them. It’s not like they were for certain kids only. I hope one day we will figure out all our answers.

  20. I have the proof! They are actually called (on the wrappers)”Fun Shapes” (3-D Monster Fun Shapes) I only have the wrappers now..I still haven’t found the box just yet. As soon as I do I will get pictures. We bought these at Kroger in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The wrapper says: This product is manufactured under license from DCA. “Fun Shapes” is a trademark of DCA. copyright 1981 DCA Food Industries, Inc. Patents Pending. I’m sending the picture now to Retroist and Metal Misfit for them to post.

  21. I can’t believe someone found them! I thought this one of those things that was just gonna bug me for the rest of my life. Can’t wait to see the box.

  22. I found the box..finally! Now all we have to do is track down that inflatable toy. I bet there are tons of them sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

  23. Where is a picture of the “Monster Pop” box?

  24. I can’t get the pictures to load and there is no link for the box…Damn.

  25. Looks like the search is pretty much all, but over (with the exception of that STINKING, ELUSIVE inflatable toy!! WHY didn’t I send OFF for it??! It only cost $2 FREAKIN’ DOLLARS and 4-6 weeks of my patience!!)
    However, I can’t recall if this was covered or not…

    A shot of the box. (SO cool…)

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