Friendlys had a Great Selection


(sadly this amazing commercial has been taken down)

OK so the family is turned away at the first “snooty” restaurant. But then they go and turn up their noses at Diner and Fast food. What gives? Just because they can’t take high strung junior to Chez Marmets they have to be all down on the lowest common denominator food? My food of choice! How dare they! Once you get over that its not a bad commercial and it least it as a punchline.

If you missed it: You see the food at Friendlys is so good that even the host of Chez Marmets eats there. Take that uptight eateries!

P.S. I think they woman who sings lead in this commercial sounds like the woman who sings on “Schoolhouse Rock – No More Kings”.


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2 thoughts on “Friendlys had a Great Selection

  1. I think the vocalist is the same. For Schoolhouse Rock it was Lynn Ahrens, who was also one of the principal writers. I think most of us know her from A Noun’s a Person, Place or Thing.

    She’s also a Broadway lyricist. Once on this Island and Ragtime are the best known shows.

    (I always liked Friendly’s … they had these really good shakes called Fribbles.)

  2. Wow – I didn’t know that about Lynn Ahrens. She would be a great entry onto the site unto herself (takes note).

    I miss the Fribble was a big fan myself. Love shakes.

    For those who are not familiar:

    “A Fribble is a milkshake-like product that is served at Friendly’s restaurants. They are made with milk and ice milk (soft serve) and are available in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee, black and white (chocolate syrup and vanilla soft serve), and mocha (vanilla soft serve and hot fudge). Any of these flavors can be malted for an extra charge. Fribbles come in two sizes: child and adult.”

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