CBS Newscast from 1978 with Neutron Bomb Goodness


I love this newscast. It starts off with the normal cold war rigmarole. Neutron Bombs, Soviet Spies – you know, normal Sunday evening stuff. I have to admit I love the graphic they use for the Neutron Bomb. If that was on a soda I would buy it like quick.

You got to live the more old school television journalists. Marlene Sanders might as well be reading the crop report for all the emphasis she puts into her reading about the Neutron Bomb. It kills people, but leave buildings standing. Not a bit of emotion – now that is some old school professionalism.

Then we get the weather – its cold in the Midwest – huge surprise. Can anything crack your steely facade Marlene? Oh what’s this a little smirk on the human interest piece? The part about men who are shoveling snow rather then making babies. Oh I see it. Nice! Now where is that video of the water skiing squirrel? Maybe we can get a full blown smile out of her yet.


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