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As I have stated many times before, I am a huge Star Trek fan. In fact my sideblog has pretty much just turned into a Trekfest. Now I own every episode of ToS on DVD — which spends a lot of time in the DVD player of my home office. But what do I do when I am traveling or sitting in the park and need a Trek fix. Sure I could violate all sorts of copyright laws of which I am unaware and burn them to my HD, but I don’t have the time or patience to do that. Nor do I have the money to throw away renting or buying digital versions of the show.

Well thanks to the smart people at CBS you can now watch all the Trek you want online 24/7. How do they do it? Its a brand new and clever idea. I think they call it ad driven television. Finally.

Watch Star Trek Online for Free (with ads)


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10 thoughts on “Watch Star Trek Online for Free

  1. Alto says:

    does any one know where people out of the us can watch star trek
    as the only real places to watch is on sites that only let americans watch them
    if anyone knows please let me know thanks <3

  2. Hey i have bin on the internet all day looking for a website that works to watch star trek online and nothing is freaking working! so can you send me some kinda link to a website were i can watch it online?

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