The mid 1980s, unlike any time in history, was a great time to be an ugly toy. Madballs, Garbage Pail Kids and my favorite Boglins ruled the toy shelves. The Boglin was a rubber hand puppet that was useful for scaring your little sister or acting as a the voice of the little boy who lived in your belly and liked to burn things. I am not making this up. The ability to get away with murder and blame it on your hand friend was pretty much the keystone of their advertising.

Check out the commercial:

In the store these things were irresistible. They came in a faux crate complete with bars on the front — Obviously this toy was dangerous. I had to have one, so I started talking about them non-stop. Pointing out the commercial whenever it was on and pointing them out in Sunday paper ads. The Normal annoying kid tactics. A few weeks of this and my sister bought one for me.

I had the Boglin named Drool. Now I can’t say I was ever able to freak out my sister (since she bought it for me), but I remember it really freaking out my dogs. The smaller ones would freak out whenever I would put this on my hand and start making monster noises. Fun fact about dogs. They love to eat rubber monster toys. Remember in a dog vs. Boglin scenario, the dog will always win in the end.

Drool we hardly knew ye!
Drool we hardly knew ye!

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