Joust for the Atari 2600


After with Mr. Do, Joust is one of my all time favorite games. What other game allows you to ride around on a giant ostrich? Its every kids dream right? Whenever I cruise the boardwalk arcade I always plop a few tokens in the old cigarette scarred machine near the bathroom. If you have not played it in a while you will be surprised at how well it has held up. It was way ahead of its time with its flexible gameplay system that allows for both “deathmatch” and co-op play.

Joust in the Arcade - Awesome!

Joust in the Arcade – Awesome!

Sadly, the Atari 2600 version? Not so good. Its a given that the graphics and gameplay would be slightly different, but the game control doesn’t translate well to the console. Just think about pounding on that nearly flush-to-its-housing button to get some momentum. Its a total nightmare.

Joust on the 2600 - A little Painful

Joust on the 2600 – A little Painful

Epic Indeed!


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7 thoughts on “Joust for the Atari 2600

  1. giudecca says:

    commercial was created by doyle dane bernbach in 1983. the art director was charlie rice and the writer was d. j. webster. i was working on the atari account back then.

  2. giudecca says:

    Sure. From 1983 to the time that Jack Tramiel bought the company from Warner. So we made dozens of commercials. Spent lots of time at Atari.

  3. Very cool. If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of work were you doing? What other titles did you work on?

    A lot of these early Atari commercials are a step above other advertising at the time. What kind of creative structure did Atari have when it came to commercials?

  4. I’m noticing that the comic for the game is inaccurate, or at least I believe it so. In the arcade version of the game, and I’m almost certain in the Atari 2600 version too, an egg didn’t hatch “into its former self” but into a stronger sort of opponent. I guess that maaaaybe it means that the former opponent has become stronger, but I never saw it that way.

  5. Dudley88 says:

    Joust was one of my favorite arcade games. Until now, I never knew there was a 2600 version. The graphics don’t look all that bad, really. As for the gameplay, I’ll have to take your word.

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