Don’t Be a Dummy – Buckle Up with the Crash Test Dummies


I loved the Crash Test Dummies as a kid. What’s not to love? They selflessly fling themselves again and again at a concrete wall to guarantee our safety. All the whie making pithy comments. Yet, when we get tired of their antics what do we do? We silence them. Forcing them to labor in anonymity. While we give our spokes-cavemen their own sitcom. I think its time to bring back the Dummies and give them the respect they deserve. Write your local television station and demand it! Our voices will be heard and the CTD show will happen.

In the meantime enjoy these commercials starring Vince and Larry.

You might not remember how widespread these commercial were. They were so popular they even parodied other popular commercial of the day. This one that parodies Bugle Boy Jeans is awesome.

For those born later – here is the original commercial.

They would make a ton of these ads..

and we would even see what their home life was like…

They also appeared in 1997 with Ray Charles…

and had their own line of toys…


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