MTV Circa 1983


Did you know that MTV used to be all about music? I know it sounds weird, but when this juggernaut started it was a fairly low key seeming affair that played host to music and music news – that’s it. Now I don’t think MTV is planning to a retro channel anytime soon (sign me up). So to catch some of this early gold you have to either track down some old VHS tapes or hope someone else already has and has posted them to the web.

Nick AIM’d these to me yesterday and I was as pleased as punch to see them. They show nearly 3 hours of early MTV music, news AND commercials. Its the trifecta. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

(Update – the full run of 3 hours have been pulled, but here is a taste of what it was like)


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3 thoughts on “MTV Circa 1983

  1. Heh! I leeched those from usenet a few years ago! Good stuff. Probably the only videos where you’ll see Split Enz’s One Step Ahead video and Earth Wind and Fire pimpin’ stereo equipment…

    … and that Musk commercial…. ugh…

  2. Yeah Brian – they are great. Wish they had more of them online. What I like is how unsophisticated the channel was – so different from the slick MTV we have now.

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