Rapid Fire Tommy Gun for Kids!

I know its for safety reasons, but its a real shame that toys guns are now built of day-glo orange plastic. I bought my nephew a cork gun this Christmas. It was a real challenge to find one that actually shot corks and looked good (no orange plastic for me). It took a month of research and I had to send away to China for it, but I finally found one I liked. When I opened it, I wished I had bought one for myself. It was made of metal and wood and looked like a real gun. Needless to say, when my nephew opened it, he almost had a joy aneurysm. I don’t know why, but kids love guns. The more realistic, the better.

Someone emailed me this great Dick Tracy comic ad from the 1940s. It comes from a time when realism trumped safety and polio stalked the land. What a time to be alive!



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