With Night Court, Laughter was in session…for 3 years


The adventures of Harry Stone and his gang was for me, an unexpected hit. The first 3 seasons were filled with comedy gold. New York + Crazy Criminals = awesome. The shows possibilities seemed limitless until they fell into the sitcom rut of romance and “special” episodes. Not everyone sitcom needs to make you cry, they can be zany throughout their entire run.


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One thought on “With Night Court, Laughter was in session…for 3 years

  1. Night Court was awesome!A couple of years ago, iwould come home from work around 6:30-7:00AM and would watch this on TV Land(I think it was on at 8:00AM). I grew up watching this show. My dad loved it, as did my younger brother and I. I remember thinking, who the hell is Mel Torme. Now, I kind of know who he is. Great show nonetheless.

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