Richardson’s Party Patties


As a fan of Mentos I was thrilled when I opened up a box of Richardson’s Party Patties and discovered that they were downright Mentos-like. So good in fact that I almost inhaled the entire box before I got home. Each chew is individually wrapped and has a crisp candy shell surrounding a chewy fruity center.

As you can see from the adorable retro box art the patties come in 3 flavors: orange, lemon and strawberry. The lemon is especially nice, but all 3 flavors are pretty accurate, which means, Mentos could learn a lot about fruit flavoring from the folks at Richardson. So much better are their fruity flavors that I don’t think I can go back to any fruit flavored Mentos. Since I eat them just about every other week this is high praise.

Where can you get your grubby mitts on these delicious candies up? Cost Plus World Market is a good start (that is where I go). If you do not have one in your area I would check out their website here.

Want some more Richardson history? Just check out the back of the box of course:

That bear is just so cute!! I want him on a shirt.


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