Christmas Vacation Ornament

Christmas Vacation Ornament

I believe I received this sort of low-end Christmas Vacation Ornament when I last purchased my DVD copy of Christmas Vacation. It is not the highest quality ornament, but in a world where ornaments based on this film are rare, this is a gem. So every year this now makes an appearance on my tree. When I see it, it makes me want to watch the film. I hope by showing it to you this holiday season, it will inspire the same.

I believe that Christmas Vacation, which is getting heavy rotation on cable TV nowadays, is become a holiday classic. I guess time will tell if it will last.

So, Merry Christmas from everyone here at the Retroist. And I am sure if they were here, you would also here Clark and his kith and kin say, “Merry Christmas from the Griswolds!”


Update 2016

When I originally wrote this post, I had already been hanging the Christmas Vacation Ornament on the tree for a year or two. Now it is eight short years later and this beauty is still up on the tree. Well, not the original tree, that one is long dead. Now it hangs on a beautiful fake white tree and hopefully will for another eight years.

Also, eight years later and the film is still in heavy rotation. Way to go Griswolds!


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