Remember the “How to Hypnotize” Comic Ad

Remember the “How to Hypnotize” Comic Ad

The 1950s are a great age for comic book ads. Not only did they promise you a body like Atlas and a pair of glasses that will let you see through clothes. They would also teach you to unlock the secrets of the human mind. That way you can turn even the coldest fish into your willing love slave. As you can see in this vintage ad on “How to Hypnotize.”

I didn’t give much thought to this ad when I was a kid. Hypnotizing people just wasn’t my thing, but looking at it now, I have mixed feelings about the ad. Not that I blame kids for wanting to learn what is basically a super power. What kid wouldn’t want that?

No, I am a little annoyed at the company running this ad. They are preying on kids insecurities. Instead of giving them some useful that could help them communicate with people legitimately. They are selling a fantasy.

Maybe I feel this way because this hits close to home for me. No surprise, but I was one of those awkward kids who wanted a magic spell that would making dealing with other people easier. None of these ads would have worked for me. Happily one ad-type did finally help me frame the world in terms that I understood.

commodore vic20 ad

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  1. Awesome. If you can’t hypnotize’em, THAT’s when you use the x-ray glasses. >=)

  2. Its called a Credit Card.

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